7 Symptoms That You Have A Protein Deficiency

When we talk about the body you should always talk about food, food is what allows it to work correctly, it is like gasoline or electricity to a car, if it does not have these elements it will not be able to work, so it works the body.

Following the example of the car, when we surpass ourselves with gasoline or oil, we will always see that something starts to work badly and that everything in excess is bad, no matter what it is since even an excess of vegetables will decompose another area of your body.

But the opposite also happens, when we lack some kind of vitamin in particular and the body begins to notice it, being the most common Protein Deficiency of all these, today we will talk about the symptoms that indicate that protein is missing in your body so that you can solve it


These are the symptoms that indicate that you have an important protein low:
Anxiety and bad mood

If you have a combination of these two is because you need proteins, it regulates the dynamism, memory and general behavior of our brain.

Frequently injured

If you see that you hurt yourself very often it is because you lack protein, remember that these absorb calcium, a key to the strength of our bones.

Brain fog

Fatigue, confusion or lack of concentration are symptoms that you need protein, the brain uses this to function properly.

High cholesterol level

When you have unbalanced protein levels with sugar levels, these problems occur.

Gastrointestinal disorders

If you want to have a high metabolism with an efficient digestion process, you need protein.

Irregular menstrual cycles

Low protein contributes to insulin resistance, making menstrual cycles very difficult.

Problems to exercise

When we have weakness in the muscles or little encouragement to exercise may be due to lack of protein.

These symptoms are the most common when proteins are missing, but do not let this worry you, just add some chicken or your favorite protein to your diet and see how you solve everything.

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