8 Vegetables That You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! Complete guide How To Grow Them

You should also go for organic veggies so it makes a whole lot of sense if you are able to grow your own vegetables at home.

It would be better than buying the genetically modified vegetables currently adorning most grocery stores today.

Growing your own veggies at home require time and patience though, but the benefits in the end make it worthwhile.

Here are eight (8) of your favourite veggies you can grow at home today.

1. Fleshy Romaine Lettuce
Use the bottom end of your lettuce to grow a fresh one. All you need to do is plant the stem in a bowl with about 1/2 inch of water. In just a couple of days you will see roots emerging. Once roots have appeared you can transfer your lettuce to soil.

2. Your Favourite Bok Choy

After you put the root end of this veggie in a bowl of water and place it in a well lit room for about two weeks you will notice new roots, transplant afterwards to a pot full of soil.

3. Crunchy Carrots

You can place your carrot tops in a dish of water and put it in a well lit room. You will soon see your new carrot sprouting.

4. Plant Basil

Cut the stem of your basil about 3-4 inches in length and put it into water. To avoid a slimy basil plant, make sure to change the water frequently. Place it in a well lit room, soon the roots start to appear, as soon as they reach about 2 inches in length, you can transplant your basil into a pot with soil.

5. Grow Cilantro

Just like your basil plant, place the cilantro stem in water then transplant to a pot after roots appear and in a couple of months you will have your new cilantro plant.

6. Grow Crunchy Celery

Put your celery bottom in a low bowl and place it in the sun. Very soon you will notice new leaves sprouting, after about three days you can then transplant your celery into a pot of soil.

7. Medicinal Garlic

If you notice new sprouts from your garlic clove place the clove in a pot with some water in it. You can later transfer the sprouted clove in a pot of soil.

8. Grow Your Own Scallions

You can grow new scallions with older roots. Just put an inch long scallion root in a bowl of water and place it in a well lit room and in no time at all you will have fresh scallion sprouts.


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