A Couple Of Drops On Your Nail And Watch As You Will Remove The Fungus In A Short Time

Fungi are problems that can occur in both men and women, and in both cases must be remedied due.
That if the fungus advances can cause a major infection and so the problem will be more serious.

One of the most common places where fungi develops is in the nails, especially the feet, because when we use shoes we create a dark, warm and humid environment, which, along with sweat, is conducive to the development of fungi .

Similarly, they can also develop on the nails of the hands, especially in women who use a lot of enamel and do not perform any nutritious treatment for the nails.

As well as moisturizing or vitamin E treatments to strengthen and not be affected by this problem.

Eliminate fungus on the nails with this natural remedy

So well, in this case we will teach you a home remedy that will help eliminate the fungus of the nails, regardless of whether it is the nails of the hands or feet.

This will prevent a major problem from developing, eliminate the symptoms, strengthen your nails and make them look healthy and presentable.

To prepare the remedy you only need the following:


A tablespoon of olive oil
Three drops of oregano oil

Mix both ingredients until blended. Apply generously on the affected nail and let it act for a few minutes. Then clean the area and repeat the procedure the next day.
Use this remedy several times a week, it is best to make it daily if possible, as consistency will make the results visible more quickly.

The power of this remedy lies in the antibacterial properties of oregano, this species can be used in different ways to combat all types of infection.

This way you can take it into consideration for the next time you have a problem of this style, you just have to find the right way to use.


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