Amazing! Consume a Spoonful Of Coconut Oil In The Morning and See All The Benefits You Get!

Coconut oil or coconut butter is an oil of vegetable origin, increasingly popular in the world, is a cold pressed oil containing 90% saturated acids that are extracted directly from the pulp or coconut meat, It is commonly used in cooking for frying and is a common flavor in South Asian curries.

This oil is increasingly used and known throughout the world, for its innumerable benefits, apart from its consumption is very helpful for health and widely used cosmetically, it is very low cost and easy to obtain. Only with the use of this oil is enough, without exercises, suffering or extreme changes in our lifestyle, you can achieve improved health and beauty noticeably.

If we talk about the cosmetic use of coconut oil, it is very common for the hydration of the skin, such as cream and hair, applying it before washing, as it reduces the loss of proteins, it is also commonly used for the manufacture of bath soap.

Consume coconut oil every morning, you will be surprised by its benefits
Coconut oil is simple to use, economical and easy to access, it is incredible all the benefits you can get just by consuming a daily spoonful every morning.

Benefits of coconut oil consumption every morning:

-By the high content of lauric acid, it kills bacteria and fungi, in the same way, it helps to fight infections, so, with its consumption, you will notice that you get sick less often. If you consume only one spoonful per day, you will get sick at least 95% less than before, which represents a very high percentage.
-It causes a feeling of fullness in the stomach, so it helps to calm anxiety and improve the digestive process, thanks to the fact that the coconut extract allows the body to resist insulin better, so, its consumption in fasting, will be A great ally when you want to lose weight or just keep it off.

-It is a great natural energizer, ideal for the hectic of modern city life, it is amazing that just adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your morning coffee will help you to have energy for your daily routine, it does not matter if you add to the coffee a little milk, the essential is the combination of coffee and coconut oil

-It is excellent to combat fatigue because if you feel that you are tired and you do not give what is necessary for your daily tasks, flirting the oil with coffee gives twice the energy you normally have, you will not need a few minutes of rest during the day.

Coconut oil has great benefits, it is important to keep in mind, that we recommend the consumption of only one tablespoon of this oil daily, because by having a high content of lauric acid, which is a saturated fat, increases cholesterol significantly and can increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases.


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