Do you know what they do with the soaps that you do not use in the hotels? You Will Not Believe It

A fundamental thing in a hotel is cleanliness so that the guest feels comfortable. Hotels must maintain certain standards of hygiene in all areas, from the consumption centers to the rooms, the latter must be kept particularly clean, with no signs of carelessness, since they are used daily and in most of the time, they change guests every week.

That is why in all the hotels there is a department specializing in cleaning rooms called “housekeeper”, who is responsible for making the bed, clean all dirt that the guest has left, wash the bathrooms, provide toiletries as paper, shampoo, soap, change of towels, among others.

The most interesting thing is that guests use hygienic products 1 or 2 times only, and then they are thrown soaps away and exchanged for new ones … But what about those that are discarded? Can they still be used?

As sad as it sounds, all those products are thrown away daily, now imagine that this is done in most of the world’s hotels; It becomes disappointing to think about the number of products wasted.

This is why a man named Shawn Seipler came up with a brilliant idea: to take advantage of this type of hygienic products that hotels dispose of daily, and for this, he created the non-profit foundation “Clean The World”, with the sole intention of being able to help people with limited resources.
One time Seipler stayed at a hotel, he noticed that in the bathroom of the room they left new soap and shampoo pills, but he only used them twice, 3 at the most. Even so, they remained as new, so he deduced that they could continue to be used for a long time.

Regardless of this, the women who cleaned the room changed them for new ones daily. Then Seipler asked himself: What happened to the hygienic products that were no longer used? He decided to find out with the hotel manager the whereabouts of these products, answering that they were a waste and that they went directly to the trash, Seipler was shocked and disappointed in the response.

Taking into account that millions of low-income people do not have to clean themselves daily, they set to work to reuse the soaps wasted by the hotels, decided to create the foundation, which has been a success because it has helped many people with limited resources of several countries that do not have access to personal hygiene products necessary to avoid diseases. Thanks to the help that Seipler brings to the world with your organization, it has been possible to reduce the diseases caused by poor hygiene.

“Rome was not built in a day”. Gradually, the Clean The World Foundation has been growing and helping more people in the world. Currently, the hotels not only donate the daily wasted soaps but also give half a dollar a year for each room that each hotel has, money that helps the foundation to grow and help more people in the world, apart from the fact that every time they hire two more staff. It should be noted that the soaps are subjected to a strict hygiene process so that they can be reused without any problem.

“I hope the world supports the idea and helps my foundation”

During 2016, the organization raised seven million soap bars, which were divided and 400,000 personal hygiene packages were built to donate to people with limited resources.

“Around 4,000 children under the age of 5 die every year in the world from illnesses that are transmitted by poor hygiene, such as diarrhea or pneumonia, Shawn Seipler says the road is long but will not give up, there are still many people with this problem, but with the help of its foundation he will be able to eradicate those that are possible. ”

What do you think about this man’s initiative? We think it’s fantastic, so do not stop supporting it.

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