Doctors Do Not Say It – Secret To Eliminate Lice From Your Child Head Fast and Cheap

When you see a child scratching his head, the first thing that goes through your mind is that they probably have lice. The experience of having these creatures crawling in their hair is quite unbearable, but the elimination is what scares most people.

No child likes to be combed with a lice comb. Not only is it painful, it also takes a long time to make sure that each louse and it is gone. The worst thing is that if the child is anxious and restless (as they are the majority) the procedure can even be almost impossible.

They are not unusual among adults, but they spread more easily among children, as children spend more time together at school and on playgrounds.

Having lice is not fatal or particularly dangerous, but it is, however, a somewhat unpleasant experience that can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. Another important reason to get rid of them is that they multiply very quickly.

There are useful shampoos produced specifically to eliminate them, but they are not always effective. First, you have to spend hours eliminating each egg. You will need more than one or two bottles, which can be very expensive and in some cases harmful to the scalp.
Secret to eliminate lice
However, from the advice of the grandmother, comes a natural remedy to eliminate lice, which is not only cheap, without or that is also free of chemicals and you do not have to treat children for hours applying it.

You need:
-A lice comb
-White vinegar
-A plastic bag or shower cap

1. Wet your hair with your mouthwash, then cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag. Let stand for one hour. This may sound crazy, but lice do not really like the strong odor of mouthwash.

2. Rinse your hair and then wet your hair again – this time with white vinegar. The vinegar helps to get rid of the eggs. Allows the vinegar to settle for an hour for one more time to cover your hair.

3. Now wash the hair with a regular shampoo and pass the lice comb.

4. If there is a case of lice at school, spray your child’s hair with a little mouthwash before leaving the house to keep the lice away.

This method is effective and does not expose yourself and your children to any strong chemical while doing so, according to the Center for Healthy Living.


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