How To Drink Rice Water To Cut Diarrhea?

For centuries rice water has been used not only as food, but also for its great properties for the organism. In addition to being nutritious, rice water has been used to curb diarrhea . How should you prepare it? What do you need to make a good rice water ? In this article we show you how easy it is to do it and how healthy it can be for your stomach and body in general.

Rice water and its stomach properties

Drinking rice water has become very popular these days. The main reason is due to the great nutritional contribution that provides your body, in turn, the content of starch that has completely alleviates stomach upset . It does not matter if you drink hot or cold, this home remedy is special to treat diarrhea in babies and adults, there are even people who use it with their pets (dogs) and they are doing great. It also gives your body a small but important amount of vitamins and minerals.

Some prepare a recipe for boiled rice for belly pain , and if you’re wondering how to make boiled rice for gastritis , the truth is that it is also very easy and useful. However, to take advantage of all the benefits of rice, it will be better to prepare it without cooking.

Recent studies have shown how rice water protects the stomach walls and fights the infectious processes of the organism, causing diarrhea. In addition, the summary concluded that rice water is effective in the treatment of gastritis in children. On the other hand it replaces the electrolytes of the organism if necessary, which makes it an oral moisturizing remedy.
How to prepare it?

First put the rice in soak and add a pinch of salt and sugar, let soak for at least a couple of hours stirring every half hour at least. This will allow the starch from the rice to be released and that together with the water and it will not be necessary to eat the rice.

You can also prepare it this way: To get the rice water, you really need to rinse the rice 2-3 times, and save the water.

-First step: Gather the ingredients; 1 cup of rice (of any kind, except wild rice) 4 cups of water; preferably distilled.

-Second step: Boil purified water, then add the rice stirring around the pot until you have created a white and milky water.

-Third step: Strain the rice and serve the broth as a tea. You can serve hot or cold, but it is gentler to drink it fresh for someone who is sick. It really is that easy, without many complications.

-Step Four : Store any remaining amount of rice water in a jar with a tight lid. The duration of the water will be a maximum of four days in the refrigerator and two days at room temperature.

-Step five: The remaining rice will serve you for a rich soup, do not bounce it. It can also serve as food for poultry, if you have.

Rice water is a Goliath against diarrhea, and as you may have noticed, making rice water is very simple, you just need water and rice. The next time you or a family member needs help with diarrhea or some gastric process, prepare rice water to cut diarrhea.

Other uses of rice water

-Some people use rice water for cosmetic purposes, others as a treatment for skin eczema.

-This water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that can repair damaged hair , and prevent it from falling. Inositol stays inside the hair, even after washing, therefore offering continuous protection of the hair.

-It can also be very useful to treat skin problems, such as inflammation and bumps.

-It can also help in beauty treatments, thanks to the moisturizing properties, antioxidants contained in rice water, can improve circulation, prevent or remove age-related spots.

However, if it is about stomach problems, without a doubt it will do you good to put into practice these formidable recipes for your intestinal health and treat diarrhea.


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