My Legs Had Many Varicose Veins, So I Made Them Disappear In a Short Time

The well-being of the skin depends on a few things, remember that the skin is a reflection of how our health is. That is, if our inner part is very bad, that will be reflected in the skin changing color, texture or many similar things as the appearance of the legs.
This is a great advantage, given that the skin often warns us when something is wrong. It is a kind of alarm that they give us to prevent any disease. Although we must be honest and recognize that people see the skin as something aesthetic, not as a health factor.

Factors that influence a healthy appearance

Meanwhile, the aesthetics depends on 90% of the skin and so both women and men know. In fact, women suffer a lot when they have those famous varicose veins in their legs, which today we are going to teach you how to remove them.

Varicose veins, also known as varicose veins, occur when veins become enlarged, dilate and fill with blood. Varices often appear swollen, raised and have a bluish-red or purple color. They are often painful.
This condition is very common, especially in women. About 25 percent of all adults have varicose veins. In most cases, they appear in the lower part of the legs.

Causes of its appearance in the legs

The varicose veins occur when veins do not work properly. The veins have one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing in the opposite direction. When these valves fail, blood begins to build up in the veins instead of continuing to your heart.

Varicose veins often affect the legs, because those veins are further away from the heart, and gravity makes it more difficult for blood to flow up.

Some of the possible causes of varicose veins include:

-The pregnancy
-Age over 50 years
-Stand for long periods of time
-Hereditary genetics
-Symptomatology of varicose veins

The primary symptoms of varicose veins are very visible, deformed veins, usually in the legs. You may also have pain, swelling, heaviness, and pain on or around the dilated veins.

In some cases, they may develop swelling and discoloration. In severe cases, the veins may bleed significantly and ulcers may form.

Treatment for the condition

There are many natural remedies that help you reduce the severity of varicose veins along with your symptoms in a safe and effective way. In this article, we will discuss how to treat these varicose veins by using a surprising natural ingredient called apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar acts as a natural cleansing ingredient in the body that eliminates all impurities and thus helps your veins flow properly. It effectively improves blood flow and circulation throughout the body to reduce heaviness and swelling and, therefore, clears bulging veins.

In addition, it is enriched with vitamins (A, B and C), amino acids, certain enzymes, minerals, acetic acids. That is essential to the daily requirements of your bodily functioning. It increases blood vessels and tones the skin of the feet to reduce these varicose veins.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar is a natural tonic with vasodilating and anti-inflammatory properties that, applied on a regular basis, reduces the appearance of varicose veins.

It contains natural acids, as well as vitamins and minerals, which activate blood circulation while reducing the risk of premature aging.
Its external application exerts an analgesic and relaxing effect, which can be useful when the cause pain and sensation of stiffness.
To top it off, its nutrients benefit the health of the skin, so they help maintain its firmness in this area of the body.
How to prepare apple cider vinegar for the treatment of varicose veins?


-A glass jar with lid
-5 units of green tomatoes
-Adhesive or gauze bandages
-1 cup apple cider vinegar


The first thing to do is cut the tomatoes into slices and then put them in a jar with vinegar, this should leave it in a dark place for 48 hours. Remember that the bottle should be capped.

How to use

When the 48 hours have passed and your remedy is ready, you will place your tomatoes in the varicose veins and cover it with a bandage. We let it sit for about 40 minutes, then remove the preparation and wash our legs with cold water, to achieve a better result.

You should do this daily for 2 weeks without skipping any day, as this way the skin will absorb everything better and gradually you will have the results you expect.

What happens here is that mixing the vinegar with green tomatoes is making a kind of ” antidote ” for the skin. This “antidote”, besides helping circulation and improving all the problems of the area, makes your disappear little by little.

Apart from this, we recommend taking lots of water and taking steps at home to improve the pain and prevent varicose veins from getting worse, these include:

-Lose weight
-To raise the legs
-Avoid standing or sitting for an extended period of time

There are also many over-the-counter natural treatments. These commonly take the form of topical creams and emollients. They can help to soothe the pain and improve the general appearance and comfort of the varicose veins.

Other things to keep in mind to avoid varicose veins

-Avoid wearing heels for long. They are very cute but they are known as loyal enemies of the circulation. Also, they hurt your feet.
-Perform daily stretches in your home, office or workplace.
-It practices activities that stimulate the good circulation of the blood in the body.
-Keep in mind that eating healthy prevents the accumulation of fat in the blood.
-Visit your doctor if you think the varicose veins are appearing on your legs.


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